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To keep you in the loop, here’s a list of things which will be added over the course of our website renovations:

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Myth Hawker has a crush on the underdog: the small press, the overlooked author, the independent bookstore, and the vast, undiscovered treasures of small-scale publishing.
We believe in the spirit of collaborative competition, which allows independent and small press to enter new markets, pay their authors and artists well, and reach new heights in the publishing arena.
Mighty things really are made in small batches. Browse a while, and you'll see.


Does my book qualify for either the Myth Hawker Travelling Bookstore or the Myth Hawker webstore?

For us to carry your work either on the webstore or at our conventions, the book(s) must fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • The author is Canadian; in the case of anthologies, at least one story must be written by a Canadian;
  • The publishing house is Canadian;
  • The story involves a Canadian or Canadian ex-patriot main character; and/or
  • There is a significant portion of the story that is set in Canada.

Books will be declined if:

  • They contain egregious spelling, grammatical, or formatting errors, especially if they appear on the front or back covers;
  • They are just “not our thing”; if the ending, character development, or writing style is weak, or if we simply “didn’t get it”, then we will not be passionate enough about your work to sell it effectively;
  • They contain gratuitous, non-consensual sexual violence that occurs “on-screen”, especially when it involves the exploitation of children. This includes sexual violence against all genders. While we understand that this may be necessary to the plot, we do not feel comfortable in attempting to sell this kind of story to someone who may or may not be a survivor of such crimes.


What do you carry?

We specialize in fiction, especially speculative. But, we also love a good crime story, maybe some mainstream fiction, history, a little romance, that kind of thing. Although we do carry some poetry, it’s highly specialized (and speculative), and we are not experts in that style, so we carry very little.


Do you carry self-published or "vanity press" books?

Sometimes, yes.

It must:

  • Be fiction or fictionalized;
  • Be indistinguishable from traditionally published work;
  • Have an exceptional hook and ending;
  • Have a cover and interior of professional quality, even if you created them yourself;
  • Please ensure you have purchased the appropriate reproduction rights from the artist, so that we can advertise your book(s) on our own website;


How can I get Myth Hawker to carry my books?

For traditionally* published books:

  • Send an email to, carbon copied to your editor, publisher, or sales/marketing manager, telling me about your book, how you first learned of Myth Hawker, and which conventions you may be attending in the near future.

For self-published books:

  • Send an email to with a brief synopsis and any links to existing sales points (i.e. You can also use the form on our Contact page.
  • If I'm interested, I will ask you for a free .pdf copy to review. Please allow at least 3-6 months for me to read it, as I have been inundated with requests. If I'm definitely interested, I will work with you to discuss copies and terms.

* Traditionally = Your submission was selected based on your query and full manuscript, and neither the publisher nor its affiliates charged you for editing, interior or cover design, or for marketing services. Anything else is considered a vanity press, author's service, or self-publication.


How much do you charge?

For regular stock for our travelling bookstore, I work directly with the publishing house to set terms. Usually, they sell to me for a discount, and I sell at the cover price, or I order through a distributor.

We are closed to new self-published works for 2019, unless the book is of exceptional quality, or is / has been shortlisted for either an Aurora Award, Sunburst Award, Arthur Ellis Award, or any other national, judged award. In those cases, I set terms on a case by case basis, factoring in things like page count, page size, hard cover/paperback, return policy, etc. However…

I will take on a limited number of authors for commissioned sales at any of our conventions. This includes traditionally and self-published works, though both must be of exceptional quality; and if we have limited space, preference will always be given to the author, editor, or publisher who is attending the same convention with us. Terms depend on the cost of the convention, and so would be agreed to before the convention. Generally speaking, it would work out to 30-40% of the cover cost, after taxes and processing fees.

Please continue to watch this webpage for updates as we begin the progressive launch of our webstore, as this will allow us to substantially increase our inventory, including high-quality self-published books.


Will you review my unpublished story?

No, thank you.